Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Copy & Link Power-up.

Does Copy & Link Power-Up work on Public boards?

Yes. However, badges will only appear if the user is logged in to Trello and has visibility of the target boards that hold the linked cards. This is needed to read the linked cards' details and list name.

Only users explicitly added to the board can edit the linked cards or configure the target board and list.

Does Copy & Link work in Trello's iOS or Android app?

Unfortunately, no. Trello does not support third-party Power-Ups on their iOS or Android app. Only Trello's own Power-Ups are supported (Calendar, Custom Fields, Voting and Maps). However, you can use Copy & Link on mobile devices by using Trello from a web browser.

I can see badges for linked cards but my colleagues cannot - what's wrong?

For badges to appear the logged in user must have visibility of the boards where linked cards reside. The user must either be invited to the board, be a team member of a Team Visible board, or the board be made Public. In all cases, the user must be logged in.

The Power-Up doesn't work with third-party cookies disabled - how do I fix this?

You must add to your browser's Allow list. The Power-Up stores an authentication token which allows it to communicate with Trello and fetch board and card data.

How often do the badges refresh?

Badge refreshing happens approximately every 30 seconds. Only badges associated with a target linked board will refresh immediately, links to cards on other boards update after about 30 seconds or more.

What is Copy & Link PRO?

Copy & Link PRO is a premium version of Copy & Link that adds additional features for professional users. It requires a paid annual subscription.

Click here to purchase Copy & Link PRO

Copy & Link PRO provides income to support our hosting costs and development of more features. We're also happy to continue sharing the free version and hopefully a few people find it useful.

How do Copy & Link PRO subscriptions work?

PRO subscriptions are charged per board. This means you need a subscription for each board that uses Copy & Link. All users on the board receive full access without additional cost.

Subscriptions are managed via Subscription Keys. A Subscription Key is a sequence of numbers and letters that are unique to your purchase. To unlock PRO mode, you must enter a valid Subscription Key into the board settings.

Each Subscription Key has a maximum number of boards it can be registered with, depending on your purchase choice. Keys can be deregistered from a board and transferred to other boards if required.