How Copy & Link Works

Below is our guide to setting up and using the Copy & Link Power-up.

Setting Up

From your Trello board, open the Menu and click Power-Ups. Search for 'Copy and Link’ and click Add.

Next, click the Copy and Link settings link in the top-right of your board, click Authorize Copy and Link and then Allow. This connects the Copy & Link service to your board.

Finally, click the Copy and Link settings link again and select a destination board and column. You’re now ready to create links!

Creating a Linked Card

Open a Trello card you want copied into the destination board. Click Copy and Link in the Power-Ups section on the right. Click Copy Card and Link. The new card will be created and automatically linked!

Monitoring a Linked Card

When you move a linked card, the original card will automatically show the linked card's column name as a badge. The badge will indicate if any checklist items in the linked card are not done, by showing the number of checked items along with the total number of items.

Navigating Between Cards

The link between cards is established both ways, however you only need to setup the Power-up on the originating board.

The link from the original card to the linked card appears as a colored badge with the linked card’s column name, and also as an attachment link.

The link from the linked card to the original card appears only as an attachment link.

Multiple target lists

With Copy & Link PRO you can configure multiple target lists, each with their own color.

When you click the Copy & Link button from a Trello card, simply click the target list you want to use, and a newly copied card will be added to that list, and automatically linked.

When reviewing your board, you can now view the links and distinguish bettween the different targets by the color of their badges.

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